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Guide to selling your house in Florida

Guide to selling your house in Florida

If you have decided to sell your house in Florida, it may seem like a simple and easy task. With such a great demand among buyers and investors, your house should sell at a high price within days. But reality is totally different. It can prove to be a long and tiring exercise to be able to sell your home in Florida at desired asking price. There is fierce competition among sellers and buyers have many options to choose from. As such, you need to be well prepared and alert to sell your house quickly and easily. Knowing the steps involved in selling your house helps you in staying on track. Here is a complete guide to make your selling endeavor in Florida smooth and hassle free.

Hire an honest and experienced real estate agent

This is the first and perhaps the most important step for you when selling your home in Florida. Selling a house is a complex process involving number of steps. But the same exercise becomes smooth and hassle free if you have a good quality realtor on your side. His knowledge and expertise helps in ironing out all wrinkles form your path. This professional takes care of all legal formalities to give you peace of mind. He is there to do marketing, negotiate with buyers, and then help in closing the deal.

Set the price right

Every homeowner believes his house is the best and should fetch the desired asking price. However, homes do not sell on the basis of sentiments but on the basis of the housing market conditions. You need to set the asking price right so as to attract large numbers of buyers to your listing. Your agent has access to comp data containing sale figures of comparable homes sold in your area in recent times. He will suggest an asking price that is close to the fair market value of your home. The process of selling your house becomes easy if you are able to arrive at the fair market value of your home.

Carry out repairs as recommended by your realtor

As the owner, you see nothing wrong in your house and would love to sell it in as is condition. However, homes sell on the basis of what the buyers need and are looking for in their dream homes. Your realtor has a deep knowledge of homes selling successfully in your area. He will suggest improvements that you should undertake as they will enhance the value of your home and also make it attractive and desirable for the buyers. These repairs include landscaping, painting, renovation of kitchen and bathroom, and others that add features searched by potential buyers in your area.

Kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that are closely looked at by most potential buyers. You need to upgrade both your kitchen as well as bathroom to make them look attractive to your visitors. Paint the cabinets in a new color and change the hardware to give your kitchen a wonderful look. Similarly, place new towels and change the faucet and shower-head to give the impression of a beautiful bathroom.

Clean and de-clutter

Cleaning looks like an obvious and desirable aspect of selling your home in Florida. But you need deep cleaning that is much more than your daily and weekly cleaning. Clean the floors, walls, appliances, ceiling, windows, furniture items, and everything else that comes under the watchful eyes of your potential buyers. Every visitor to your house when it is listed on the market wants to buy a house that is neat and clean. You need a sparkling clean house that should look fresh and inviting to your visitors. If you cannot achieve this cleaning or if you do not have time, it is a good idea to hire services of a professional cleaning company.

In addition to cleaning, it is also important to remove clutter from your house. Get rid of heavy and bulky furniture items to give the impression of a larger living space. If possible, pack all unwanted items and put them inside a rented place for a while.

Improve the landscaping

Landscaping is one home improvement that costs little but helps in transforming the look of your property. Mow the grass, prune shrubs, and remove dead leaves form your garden. Clean the driveway and get rid of all kinds of stains to create a wonderful impression on your visitors. Place flowering plants in pots to make your property more attractive and welcoming. If you cannot change the front door, at least get it painted and replace the old hardware. Also, get a new doorbell that creates a melodious sound when pressed.

Making disclosures about your house

In Florida, it is mandatory for all owners to make a disclosure about features and structure that they believe can have an impact on its value. This disclosure contains facts that are not easily visible to the visitors. You have to fill out a disclosure form that contains information and details about various features of your property.  

Accepting the offer and purchase agreement

Once you receive a few offers, you need to compare them and choose one that is best according to you. Your agent will draw a purchase agreement that is signed by you and the buyer. This agreement contains all important terms of sale and contingencies like inspection, appraisal, and financing. It also contains a possible closing date. Once this agreement is signed, the transaction goes into escrow.

Close the deal

This is the last step in the selling procedure when ownership of your property is transferred in the name of the buyer. Closing take place when all the terms of purchase agreement have been fulfilled to your and buyer’s satisfaction. You and the buyer sign all important documents on the date of closing and you receive the payment while the buyer gets the keys of the house.

This is how you sell your house in Florida successfully in a smooth and hassle free manner.




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